SEEDSUN.COM from the very beginning of our establishment, we have been dedicated to offering professional horticultural lighting solutions for plants cultivation, greenhouse farming, vertical farming, tissue culture, etc.
SEEDSUN.COM has developed into one of the leading players in this industry. Technical innovation has always been the core part of our value. Now we have overall 200+ people in this SEEDSUN.COM family, with 40+ R&D engineers of combining more than 200 years experience in plant science, hardware development, system integration, control software development, etc.
With a strong product research and development capability and 12 years experience in horticultural lighting industry, we understand that plant science is far more complicated than conventional home or commercial lighting. Therefore we also offer OEM and ODM service for customer who require specific products for their research or commercial growing applications. From product hardware structure to spectrum configuration, and control system, we offer the leading customization service in a manner of developing products with customer together.
We have established our own cultivation laboratory for product development as well as spectrum analysis, over the past 9 years, we have run experiments on 100+ categories of plants with 50+ spectral combinations. With all these data, we can offer turn-key lighting solution for customers of various type of plants cultivation.